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SAVE THE DATE! Nov. 1-3, 2015

Convening leaders with the experience, creativity, and motivation
needed to transform the medical research system



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5 reasons to participate


Find a partner who could make a difference. An easy-to-use partnering system allows you to schedule one-on-one meetings with leaders from across all sectors of medical research.


See collaboration in action as cross-sectors programs present their innovative approaches to medical research.


Problem-solve with medical research leaders. Panels will focus on ways to overcome barriers that stand in the way of medical progress. Panelists will deliberate solutions to big data challenges, determine how value can drive innovation, and develop strategies to turn outputs into outcomes.


Explore the latest research and partnering trends during robust roundtable discussions of therapeutic areas and cross-cutting R&D issues of interest and concern to you.


Share your ideas openly. Whether through Q&A sessions at panels or at focused networking opportunities, you will have numerous opportunities to connect with others who share your therapeutic affinity or area of expertise.



But don't take our word for it...

The biggest impression I had was the tremendous diversity. You have the wide range of individuals who may not normally interact at other conferences all coming together and exchanging ideas on how to make things go faster and yet still ensure the safety and the efficacy of new treatments and medicines."

– Enrique Aviles

Partnering for Cures offers so many opportunities for connection between folks who may not otherwise have the opportunity to readily connect in the disease-specific conferences we all attend."

– Maria Carrillo, Alzheimer’s Association

The types of interactions you have at Partnering for Cures are really driven by understanding each other’s positions and areas of common interest. It’s about building those relationships."

– Tony Coyle, Pfizer

There were a lot of conversations that happened both during and after Partnering for Cures that have been really helpful for us as an organization."

– Scott Johnson, Myelin Repair Foundation

With the inspiration of Partnering for Cures and with the contacts from the conference and others, we’ve actually had some pretty dramatic successes in the last year in bringing together collaborators that are motivated by the same mission."

– Tim Nelson, Mayo Clinic

It's the best place I’ve ever seen for meeting people who care about rare diseases. It’s really ground zero for the rare disease space. I don’t think there’s anything I’ve ever been to where you have that many different people in the same room."

– Matthew Scholz, Immusoft

You can meet someone like a chief scientist at a big company... and he finds that valuable. You wouldn’t get away with that at other meetings; you wouldn’t get a word in with that person."

– Matthew Scholz, Immusoft

I always walk away with a stack of cards."

– Josh Sommer, Chordoma Foundation

There’s nothing surprising about meeting folks who bring something really new and innovative to the world at Partnering for Cures, because that’s what [FasterCures] does – it brings people together. I expect to meet people like that at Partnering for Cures; that’s why I go."

– Gene Williams, DART Therapeutics

There are all kinds of people who come to Partnering for Cures who are doing something outside of the box. They are dissatisfied with the status quo, and they are doing something about it."

– Gene Williams, DART Therapeutics

Every day Sean gives us new ideas of things that we can explore for growing Phoenix Nest and also Jonah’s Just Begun. What Sean has done for us is immeasurable. I owe him a lot, and I met him at Partnering for Cures."

– Jill Wood, Jonah’s Just Begun and Phoenix Nest

What differentiates Partnering for Cures from other meetings is its focus on outcomes."

– John Wilbanks, Sage Bionetworks

It’s become a networking meeting place where people don’t just come for interesting conversation from presenters, but also for big ideas from attendees."

– Anna Barker, Arizona State University

Partnering for Cures has the ability to send people away with information they can actually use. There is almost always a takeaway that can be acted upon."

– Walter Capone, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

I love that [Partnering for Cures] questions the paradigms as they exist."

– Jens Eckstein, SR One



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