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From Big Science to Big Data to Big Capital, Partnering for Cures 2013 focuses on collaborative initiatives transforming medical research

At its annual Partnering for Cures meeting in New York, FasterCures spotlighted innovative and collaborative solutions that are transforming the medical research system today. More than 1,000 leaders from across sectors in medical research participated in this event, and all were driven by a shared sense of urgency and laser focus on getting things done. The conference, now in its fifth year, featured dynamic expert panels that addressed some of the most critical challenges in science and health - from big science to big data to big capital. Thirty cross-sector programs presented after the most rigorous application process to date. And, more than 800 one-on-one partnering meetings were arranged.


 Look who's talking at P4C 2013

Richard Pops

Richard Pops
Chairman and CEO, Alkermes

Pearl Huang

Pearl Huang
VP, Global Head of Discovery Partnerships in Academia, Alternative Discovery and Development, GlaxoSmithKline


Robert Beall
President and CEO, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


Francis Collins
Director, National Institutes of Health


Geoff Duyk
Partner and Managing Director, TPG Biotech


Geoff Ling
Deputy Director, Defense Sciences Office, DARPA


Matthew Perry
Portfolio Manager, BVF Ventures


Robert Ring
Vice President, Translational Research, Autism Speaks

Tecco Halle

Halle Tecco
Co-Founder and CEO, Rock Health


Luke Timmerman
Vice President, Life Sciences Initiatives, Xconomy


Arati Prabhakar
Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

tessler lavione2

Marc Tessier-Lavigne
President, The Rockefeller University


Robert Hugin
CEO, Celgene


Michel Goldman
CEO, Innovative Medicines Initiative


Nancy Brown
CEO, American Heart Association


Andrew Lo
Director, Laboratory for Financial Engineering, MIT


 5 reasons to participate


Find a partner who could make a difference. An easy-to-use partnering system allows you to schedule one-on-one meetings with the more than 1,000 leaders from across all sectors of medical research.


See collaboration in action. 30 cross-sectors programs will be presenting their innovative approaches. These programs were granted presentation slots after the most competitive application cycle to date.


Problem-solve with medical research leaders. 16 panels will focus on ways to overcome barriers that stand in the way of medical progress. Panelists will deliberate solutions to big data challenges, determine how value can drive innovation, and develop strategies to turn outputs into outcomes.


Get expert advice to help you make informed decisions. Experts are at the ready to meet with you one-on-one, arranged through the partnering system. Get advice on attracting capital, collaboration structuring, and regulatory and reimbursement strategy.


Share your ideas openly. Whether through Q&A sessions at panels or at focused networking opportunities, you will have numerous opportunities to connect with others who share your therapeutic affinity or area of expertise.


 P4C 2013 overview

talks header

(Im)patient science

Nancy BrinkerSusan Love

We do what we do because of patients

Geoff LingShari Ling

A wake up call: Preparing for the Alzheimer's tsunami

Meryl Comer

 Converging science and medicine to benefit patients

Kafui Dzirasa