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2014 Innovator Presentations will be announced by early October

Partnerships Accelerating Medical Research

FasterCures invited organizations engaged in innovative, cross-sector research collaborations to submit presentation proposals for the 2014 Partnering for Cures meeting. Collaborations should be aimed at reducing the time and cost of getting new medical solutions (drugs, devices, diagnostics, etc.) from discovery to patients. Each 25-minute presentation will provide an opportunity to engage potential investors, partners, and/or collaborators in moving your existing initiative forward or amplifying the impact of your approach.



Any cross-sector research collaboration or consortium working to speed up and improve the medical research system – and/or the process of getting new therapies to patients – was eligible to apply. Initiatives must involve partners from two or more of the following sectors:

  • NGOs/nonprofit foundations
  • Industry (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and diagnostic companies)
  • Research institutes
  • Universities
  • Government agencies
  • Investors
  • Philanthropists



We are particularly, although not exclusively, interested in hearing from partnerships that focus on one or more of the following categories:

  1. Translation/commercialization of basic scientific discoveries
  2. Data sharing
  3. Clinical trial innovation/infrastructure
    • e.g., simulation, remote trial participation, adaptive trials, patient-powered research networks, etc.
  4. Creation of broadly-used tools and resources
    • e.g. standards, methods, or technologies that can be used by all stakeholders to advance their independent research
  5. Innovative financing models



  • Degree to which partnership shows evidence of transformative potential
  • Degree to which partnership can demonstrate progress against defined milestones [internal]
  • Degree to which partnership can demonstrate evidence that it is addressing the challenge it was created to address [external]
  • Degree to which partnership model is scalable (or replicable) across diseases or sectors