2012 Experts

Strategic Planning »

These consultations will address strategic and business model issues, including establishing planning guidelines and timelines, conducting strategic analysis and organizational assessments, setting or changing strategic direction, refining goals and methods, approaching collaborations (with both partners and funders), and mapping/measuring success.


Collaboration Structuring »

These consultations will address various methods for formalizing and carrying out cross-sector partnerships as efficiently and effectively as possible. This category covers issues such as intellectual property, data sharing, and conflicts of interest to ensure that the proper legal and structural agreements/policies/processes are in place for successful collaborations.


Attracting Capital »

These consultations will focus on funding. Consultants will come from both the foundation and investor perspectives and will provide best practices and guidance around the strategic acquisition and allocation of capital (i.e., evaluating philanthropic investment, building a high-impact medical portfolio, attracting investors, resource-building, etc.).


Interacting with the FDA »

These consultations will address how to interact with FDA around various points of interest (biomarker validation, data collection guidelines, IND/NDA tracking, clinical trial protocols, communication with industry, etc.). These sessions will feature consultants who can offer advice on what to expect from the regulatory review process and where to go for unique issues/challenges.


Communications & Marketing »

These consultations will focus on building visibility and credibility with collaborators and media, strategies for evaluating and pursuing thought leadership opportunities and collaborators, and promoting strengths, successes, and unique attributes of organizations/projects to potential partners and funders.


The Expert Consultations at Partnering for Cures are informal sessions intended to be informational in nature. The individuals serving in the role of experts are providing their advice pro bono, and before acting upon any such advice you should consult with your own experts or consultants who are more familiar with your particular organizations. Neither the consultants nor the sponsors of Partnering for Cures shall be liable in any manner with respect to the outcomes or consequences that may result from any actions taken based upon the guidance offered in these sessions.