2013 Speakers



Aaron  Abend

Aaron Abend
Advisory Board Member, UV Therapeutics

Margaret  Anderson

Margaret Anderson
Executive Director, FasterCures

Cecilia  Arradaza

Cecilia Arradaza
Director, Communications & Policy, FasterCures

Christopher  Austin

Christopher Austin
Director, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences


Robert J. Beall

Robert J. Beall
President and CEO, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Robi  Blumenstein

Robi Blumenstein
President, CHDI Management

Chris  Boone

Chris Boone
Vice-President, Evidence Translation & Implementation, Avalere Health

Otis  Brawley

Otis Brawley
Chief Medical Officer, American Cancer Society

Nancy  Brinker

Nancy Brinker
Founder, Susan G. Komen Foundation

Russell L. Bromley

Russell L. Bromley
Principal, TRAC Consulting

Nancy  Brown

Nancy Brown
CEO, American Heart Association

John  Burklow

John Burklow
Associate Director for Communications and Public Liaison, National Institutes of Health


Walter  Capone

Walter Capone
Chief Operating Officer, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

William  Chin

William Chin
Executive Vice President, Science and Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

David  Clifford

David Clifford
Founder, Avicenna LLC

Francis  Collins

Francis Collins
Director, National Institutes of Health

Mike  Collins

Mike Collins
Vice President for Global Clinical Operations, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Meryl  Comer

Meryl Comer
President, Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer's Initiative; Founder, WomenAgainstAlzheimers

Robert  Conley

Robert Conley
Regulatory Leader, Biomedicines; Distinguished Lilly Scholar, Neurosciences, Eli Lilly and Company

Robert  Cook-Deegan

Robert Cook-Deegan
Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy and Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University; FasterCures Fellow


Louis J. DeGennaro

Louis J. DeGennaro
Executive Vice President and Chief Mission Officer, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Laura  Deming

Laura Deming
Partner, The Longevity Fund

Jonathan  Dordick

Jonathan Dordick
Vice President for Research and Howard P. Isermann Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Sue  Dubman

Sue Dubman
Bioinformatics Specialist and Patient Advocate

Geoff  Duyk

Geoff Duyk
Partner and Managing Director, TPG Biotech

Kafui  Dzirasa

Kafui Dzirasa
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Center for Neuroengineering, Duke University Medical Center


Christopher  Earl

Christopher Earl
President, Innotrove LLC

Christopher  Egerton-Warburton

Christopher Egerton-Warburton
Partner, Lion's Head Global Partners

Conor  Evans

Conor Evans
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School


Steven M.  Ferguson

Steven M. Ferguson
Deputy Director, Licensing and Entrepreneurship, Office of Technology Transfer, National Institutes of Health

George  Fisher

George Fisher
Professor of Medicine (Oncology), Stanford University School of Medicine

Dennis  Ford

Dennis Ford
Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation

Maria  Freire

Maria Freire
President, Foundation for the NIH

Patrick  Frey

Patrick Frey
Director, Office of Program and Strategic Analysis, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Thomas  Frieden

Thomas Frieden
Director, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Stephen  Friend

Stephen Friend
President, Sage Bionetworks


Elaine   Gallin

Elaine Gallin
Principal, QE Philanthropic Advisors

Ilan   Ganot

Ilan Ganot
Founder and CEO, Solid Ventures

Brent  Gendleman

Brent Gendleman
President and CEO, 5AM Solutions

Michel   Goldman

Michel Goldman
Executive Director, Innovative Medicines Initiative

James C. Greenwood

James C. Greenwood
President & CEO, Biotechnology Industry Organization


Jeff  Hammerbacher

Jeff Hammerbacher
Assistant Professor, Genetics and Genomic Sciences, Mount Sinai Medical Center; Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Cloudera

Kathi E. Hanna

Kathi E. Hanna
Senior Fellow, FasterCures

Ronald G. Harrington

Ronald G. Harrington
Chairman, The Harrington Family Foundation; Chairman, BioMotiv

Hugh  Hempel

Hugh Hempel
Co-Founder, Solution Therapeutics; Director and Patient Advocate, The Addi and Cassi Fund

Matthew  Herper

Matthew Herper
Senior Editor, Forbes Magazine

Sharon  Hesterlee

Sharon Hesterlee
Vice President for Research, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy

Ben  Heywood

Ben Heywood
Co-Founder and President, PatientsLikeMe

Jo Carol  Hiatt

Jo Carol Hiatt
Chair, National Product Council, Kaiser Permanente

Gigi  Hirsch

Gigi Hirsch
Executive Director, Center for Biomedical Innovation, MIT

Erin  Hogan

Erin Hogan
Executive Director, The Philanthropy Centre at J.P. Morgan

Pearl  Huang

Pearl Huang
Vice President, Global Head of Discovery Partnerships in Academia, Alternative Discovery and Development, GlaxoSmithKline

Robert  Hugin

Robert Hugin
CEO and Chairman, Celgene


Thomas R. Insel

Thomas R. Insel
Director, National Institute of Mental Health, NIH


Stephen  Johnson

Stephen Johnson
Chief Intellectual Property and Policy Officer, OneMind4Research

Kris  Joshi

Kris Joshi
Vice President, Global Health Sciences, Oracle


Rajiv  Kaul

Rajiv Kaul
Portfolio Manager, Select Biotechnology Portfolio and Advisor Biotechnology Fund, Fidelity Investments

Roxanne  Khamsi

Roxanne Khamsi
Chief News Editor, Nature Medicine

Judith  Kramer

Judith Kramer
Senior Scientific Advisor, Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative


Story  Landis

Story Landis
Director, National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke, NIH

Geoffrey  Ling

Geoffrey Ling
Deputy Director, Defense Sciences Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Shari  Ling

Shari Ling
Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Andrew W. Lo

Andrew W. Lo
Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor, Professor of Finance; Director, Laboratory for Financial Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jay  Lombard

Jay Lombard
Chief Scientific Officer and Medical Director, Genomind

Susan   Love

Susan Love
Chief Visionary Officer, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

Stewart  Lyman

Stewart Lyman
Owner and Manager of Lyman BioPharma Consulting LLC


Linda A Malek

Linda A Malek
Partner, Moses & Singer LLP

Peter  Margolis

Peter Margolis
Professor of Pediatrics and Director of Research, James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Justin  McCarthy

Justin McCarthy
Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Worldwide Research & Development, Pfizer

Howard  McLeod

Howard McLeod
Medical Director, Personalized Medicine Institute, Senior Member, Division of Population Sciences, Moffitt Cancer Center

Beth  Meagher

Beth Meagher
Director, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Paul M. Meister

Paul M. Meister
Chairman and CEO, inVentiv Health

Teri  Melese

Teri Melese
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Industry Research Alliances, University of California, San Diego

Michael  Milken

Michael Milken
Chairman, Milken Institute; Founder, FasterCures

Lesa  Mitchell

Lesa Mitchell
Vice President, Innovation and Networks, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Bob  More

Bob More
Head of Venture Investing, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Gary J. Nabel

Gary J. Nabel
Senior Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer, Sanofi

Lita  Nelsen

Lita Nelsen
Director, Technology Licensing Office, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jeffrey  Nye

Jeffrey Nye
Vice President Neuroscience Innovation and Scientific Partnership Strategy, Janssen Research and Development, LLC


Andy  Palmer

Andy Palmer
Founder, Koa Labs

Bray  Patrick-Lake

Bray Patrick-Lake
Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

Matthew  Perry

Matthew Perry
Portfolio Manager, BVF Partners L.P.

Richard  Pops

Richard Pops
Chairman and CEO, Alkermes

Arati  Prabhakar

Arati Prabhakar
Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


Kate  Rawson

Kate Rawson
Senior Editor, RPM Report

Cynthia  Rice

Cynthia Rice
Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Policy, JDRF

Jessica  Richman

Jessica Richman
Co-Founder and CEO, uBiome

Robert  Ring

Robert Ring
Chief Science Officer, Autism Speaks

Sally  Rockey

Sally Rockey
Deputy Director for Extramural Research, National Institutes of Health

Dean  Rosen

Dean Rosen
Partner, Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti Inc.

Dean  Rosen

Dean Rosen
Partner, Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti Inc.

Michael  Rosenblatt

Michael Rosenblatt
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Merck

Jeffrey  Rowbottom

Jeffrey Rowbottom
Managing Director, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

Adam  Ruben

Adam Ruben
Scientist, Sanaria Inc.; Columnist, Science Careers

Alan  Russell

Alan Russell
Highmark Distinguished Career Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, and Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President, Allegheny Health Network


Alicia  Sable-Hunt

Alicia Sable-Hunt
President & Founder, Edwards-Hunt Group LLC

Ken  Schaner

Ken Schaner
Partner, Schaner & Lubitz, PLLC

Joe V. Selby

Joe V. Selby
Executive Director, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

Vicki  Seyfert-Margolis

Vicki Seyfert-Margolis
CEO and Founder, MyOwnMed

Gregory C.   Simon

Gregory C. Simon
CEO, Poliwogg.com

Erika  Smith

Erika Smith
Venture Advisor, Rock Spring Ventures; Deputy Director, Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) and YEI Innovation Fund, Yale University

Josh  Sommer

Josh Sommer
Executive Director, Chordoma Foundation

Melissa  Stevens

Melissa Stevens
Deputy Executive Director, FasterCures


J. Russell   Teagarden

J. Russell Teagarden
Senior Vice President, Medical & Scientific Affairs, National Organization for Rare Disorders

J. Russell  Teagarden

J. Russell Teagarden
Senior Vice President, Medical & Scientific Affairs, National Organization for Rare Disorders

Halle  Tecco

Halle Tecco
Co-Founder and CEO, Rock Health

Marc  Tessier-Lavigne

Marc Tessier-Lavigne
President, The Rockefeller University

Jack  Tillman

Jack Tillman
Executive Director, Emory Innovations, Emory University

Luke  Timmerman

Luke Timmerman
Vice President, Life Sciences Initiatives, Xconomy

Adrien  Treuille

Adrien Treuille
Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University


Stephen J.  Ubl

Stephen J. Ubl
President and CEO, AdvaMed

Robert  Urban

Robert Urban
Head, Boston Innovation Center, Johnson & Johnson


Mark  Wagar

Mark Wagar
President, Heritage Medical Systems

John  Walsh

John Walsh
President and CEO, Alpha-1 Foundation

George A. Weiss

George A. Weiss
Founder, Orphan Disease Pathway Project

Paul  Weiss

Paul Weiss
Director, California NanoSystems Institute

Eugene  Williams

Eugene Williams
CEO, DART Therapeutics

Eugene   Williams

Eugene Williams
CEO, DART Therapeutics

Cindy  Wu

Cindy Wu
Co-Founder, Microryza


Roni  Zeiger

Roni Zeiger
Co-Founder and CEO, Smart Patients