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Entrepreneurs for Cures

Monday, November 17, 2014
1:55 PM - 2:50 PM
GH - Empire Ballroom I


Esther Dyson, Founder, HICCup
Craig Lipset, Head, Clinical Innovation, Worldwide Research & Development, Pfizer Inc.
Aenor Sawyer, Associate Director, Strategic Relations, Center for Digital Health Innovation; Director, Skeletal Health Service, University of California, San Francisco


Daniel Gorfine, Director, Financial Markets Policy and Legal Counsel, Milken Institute

As a new addition to the Partnering for Cures agenda, top entrepreneurs will describe how their mobile/digital health technology will increase patient participation in biomedical R&D. Moderated by a panel of experts representing entrepreneurship, drug development, clinical care, and disease philanthropy, this session positions three innovators with transformative products in front of a cross-sector audience ready to change the R&D paradigm. This session aims to provide the Partnering for Cures community with an opportunity to learn, shape, and support these technology demonstration proposals.


Norrie Daroga, Co-founder and CEO, Geppetto Avatars
Geppetto Avatars is addressing the increasingly complex world of health care by creating intelligent agents that deliver compassionate, individualized attention to people with patience, humor, and without an appointment. Our avatars can read and respond, listen and understand, and observe and gesture through contextual conversations. Geppetto Avatars' health care uses range from prevention to diagnosis, as well as education and wellness coaching, and management of chronic diseases, including Parkinson's or other neurological disorders. Our platform emphasizes patient-provider engagement, strengthens patient relationships and improves adherence. What's more, the platform provides patients, providers and health plans with more information to make better decisions.
Rotating Panelist: Todd Sherer, CEO, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Harry Gandhi, Founder, Medella Health
Medella Health is developing contact lenses that continuously and non-invasively monitor blood glucose levels, and transmit the data to a mobile device, so patients can better manage their diabetes. This means that each time a patient's blood glucose level falls too low or jumps too high, they will get a push notification to warn them of the situation. Our core team is made up of engineers, design thinkers and innovators with a diverse background and who share the common vision of disruption the way diabetes is managed.
Rotating Panelist: Dana Ball, Executive Director and Co-Founder, T1D Exchange

Feyi Olopade, Chief Executive Officer, Cancer IQ, Inc.
CancerIQ provides a suite of applications designed to help providers manage the increasingly complex delivery of personalized cancer care. Our platform is designed to automatically analyze patient data, identify the best care plans, and ease the process of shared decision-making between patients and their providers. By providing real-time intelligence at the point of care, we improve the likelihood that patients receive the right care at the right time, at reduced costs.
Rotating Panelist: Andrea Downing, BRCActivist, Founder, Brave Bosom