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Time=Lives Talk: Purposefully Designing the Future with Smart Machines and Healthy Brains

Tuesday, November 03, 2015
8:45 AM - 9:00 AM
GH-Ballroom II-IV


Corinna Lathan, Founder and CEO, AnthroTronix

Corinna Lathan is determined to use technology for good. She has invented a robot that help kids with cerebral palsy go through physical therapy. She's come up with an FDA-approved mobile app to help test soldiers in the field for traumatic brain injury. Now, she's focused on developing a 'brain thermometer' that will assess cognitive function in Alzheimer's individuals and caregivers. Hear her share insights on what it takes to stay the course, focus on purpose and transform the way we know and care for our brains. So, when the 'annual brain check-up' becomes part of your routine within this decade, you can remember the day you heard Lathan give you a glimpse into the future.